Dr. A. Najeerul Ameen, M.D., graduated from Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd, Russia and is the Managing Director of A.J. Health Care and a renowned Medical Specialist in Andrology and Venerology and a hectic medical practitioner in India. The agency is governed by his laudable exhortations and he is developing the concept of corporate sector hospitals.

The Chairman of the Agency is Dr. A. Ameer Jahan, a renowned Allopathic Medical Practitioner in Sterility and Sexology and a Consultant in Venerology for over three decades, a Research Scientist in Herbal Aphrodisiacs and a Resource person of the Department of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai of South India and a Member in the Expert Committee of the Export of Medicinal Plants in its Raw, food, Cosmetic forms and a Special Invitee for the forums and the interactions organized by the premier institutions of national level such as APEDA, EXIM Bank etc., to explore the possible avenues in the export opportunities and the industrialization. He is the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Medicinal Herbs Cultivators, Processors, Manufacturers and Research Industrial Co-operative Society under the aegis of the Department of Industries & Commerce, Govt. Of Tamil Nadu, India. He is an active social worker and an author of many medical journals.

Our country is enriched with biodiversity and ecological hot spots and capable of handling any medical emergencies and contingencies. That is why we take this opportunity to fulfill the expectations of the world society in respect of curing the ailments and offering tourism through our agency under "MEDICAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT SCHEME" with a motto "HEALTH FOR ALL - ALL FOR HEALTH".

The place where our agency is situated at Chennai in South India located in a strategic point of world geographical map and is linked with 168 International Air and Sea Travel Terminals (International Air and Seaports) of the world and equipped with Star Hotel Resorts and Palaces for a comfortable stay with subsidized tariffs offering mother's nestling care to the valued customers with International variety of dishes, particularly the MEDICINAL PLANT VEGETATION DISHES which cures almost 60 % of the ailment because as far as the Indian System of Medicine is concerned the popular version "FOOD IS MEDICINE and MEDICINE IS FOOD" still holds good.

When you have become a prepared guest - a client for treatment and tourism of our Agency, you can feel a sense of satisfaction and elation and a doubly assured service and you can fly off your destination with a complete compliance and relief.

We call upon the world society and Non Resident Indians to utilize the essential and extra ordinary services and privileges offered by Health and Tourism Plan of our agency that suit your needs and luxury. All arrangements for a comfortable stay and the immigration and visa formalities are taken care of by us with utmost care and fraternity.